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Stop The Downward Spiral

Stop the Downward spiral
Written by Karen Gibbs

Do you, or a loved one, suffer from depression or anxiety? Do you feel desperate to find solutions? There is hope!

Depression has become an epidemic. Each year, millions more are being diagnosed and are suffering from its effects. This increase should raise a red flag to the fact that conventional treatments are not working. In this book, you will discover the real and surprising cause of depression and learn why it is more common today than ever before. I am writing this book with empathy and compassion because weaved throughout the book are the words of my son, Matty, who struggled with depression and extreme anxiety for many years. Understanding is essential for healing. Our diligent search for answers reveals compelling solutions and presents you, the reader, with the key to hope and healing. The content is refreshingly different and a must-read for anyone with a loved one who struggles to maintain their mental wellness.

Those suffering from depression will gain better health, both physical, and mental while building secure connections with loved ones.  Connection are important as they stop the downward spiral into a more profound depression or a substance use disorder. This downward spiral always produces a decline in physical health, which we need to halt.

By reading this book, you will:

  • Understand why depression has become an epidemic
  • Realise you are not alone
  • Learn that there are practical solutions
  • Build secure connections
  • Change your perspective
  • Be empowered to choose a better path to healing

Email Karen –  for sales or details. This book holds the key to change and healing!

From my heart to yours, Karen xx

About the author

Karen Gibbs

'Empowering Connections' is my thing. Hi there, I'm Karen, a Circle Facilitator, Author and Coach, empowering individuals to feel connected and positively impact the lives of others.
Through my writing, I advocate for those who struggle with depression or anxiety by supporting and serving their families and friends to understand mental health issues better.
My latest book is entitled "Stop The Downward Spiral: Everything the person in your life who struggles with depression wishes you knew."
I published my first book, Scrapbook Creations, in 2002 and won the Sunshine Coast Excellence in Business award for my business of the same name.
Helping others to connect and live a happy, faith-infused life is my passion. I gain inspiration daily from God and nature.
From my heart to yours, Karen x

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