Your Pocket Coach

Your Pocket Coach – 25 powerful Reminders

Did you know that when experiencing problems, writing out your thoughts helps to retrain your brain? For example, intentionally writing positive ideas instead of negatives goes a long way to avoid a depressive episode or feeling the onset of anxiety. Your Pocket Coach has the answers you need. Many therapists encourage clients to keep a […]

Growing with grief

Growing with grief

The idea that grief “shrinks” in time is a misconception.
It doesn’t. Instead, we learn to live with it and grow around our own grief

Grief is love with no place to go

Grief is love with no place to go.

Don’t let your grief become trapped inside Twenty years ago, when I taught scrapbooking, I often came across ladies working through grief. I’d help them to document their memories into beautiful albums to treasure forever. Grief is love with no place to go, so finding an outlet for that love is, over time, what truly […]


Anxiety and Alcohol

Why So Many Seek to Consume Alcohol. Anxiety and alcohol go hand in hand. Consuming alcohol is so addictive because most people feel a sense of relaxation after a drink or two. It produces a surge of dopamine which the brain recognises as a reward. As the blood alcohol content rises, inhibitions lower giving a […]

Women's Circle

Women’s Circle of Hope and Healing

Section 1: The Personal Journey We often find ourselves beaten down by life. We each have a story to tell that’s ours alone, but each of us is touched by pain at some time or another. It’s the one thing we have in common. Our life journey leads us on a path that can sometimes […]

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Anxiety and How to Help

1. The Signs of Anxiety Sometimes people who appear to have no problems at all suffer inwardly with anxiety. It shows up in signs like people-pleasing, inability to say no, overthinking, insomnia, nervous habits like playing with their hair, lip chewing, and nail-biting. 2. The Real Symptoms of Anxiety These hidden signs cause problems that […]

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Support or Enabling?

THE QUESTION Support or enabling? The question as to whether we are enabling our loved ones confuses many people. When someone is struggling with depression and anxiety, they often feel unseen and unheard. Misunderstandings occur, which can lead to the sufferer isolating themselves. We need to step up to stop this disconnection. Once disconnection is […]


Unhackable Hope

A Life of Distraction Can Never Produce a Life of Meaning. Human knowledge once doubled every thousand years: now it’s every twelve hours. As a result, it’s no wonder you can’t keep up! There is an answer in the Unhackable message. We all need something to believe in, so tap into hope to bring your […]

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What does stop the stigma mean to you?

In order to save those who struggle with anxiety or depression from sliding into addiction; we need to stop the stigma. Now that term has become so cliched that we barely pay attention to it anymore, but sadly the outcome of ignoring it will mean many lives will be lost. That’s horrendous.

supplement and food

Critical Nutrients for Mental Wellness

To work efficiently, our whole body, including our brain, needs plenty of nutrients. Our brain uses up almost a quarter of the nutrients we ingest. That is more than any other organ so it should follow that we look after it. We have been created to thrive and to heal ourselves when required. To be […]



My recipe for this baked egg dish from the Middle east. Having recently discovered the deliciousness of this wonderful dish, I just had to share with you. If you’ve had Shakshuka, you’ll understand, but if you have never heard of it then let me be the first to introduce you to this amazingly rustic dish. […]


Djuki Mala DANCE

A high energy dance performed by the “Chooky Dancers”.

loss and healing

The Journey from Loss to Healing

The Journey from Loss to Healing   There is one hard and fast rule when it comes to coping with the death of someone you love: there are no rules!   Every death is different, and every relationship is different, so the way each of us experiences loss and grief will be different. Grief is […]

Stress and Illness

Stress and Illness, what’s the Connection?

Believe it or not, stress may not be the villain it’s made out to be. In small, short-term doses, stress can give an athlete the competitive edge or a public speaker the enthusiasm to project optimally. It can actually boost the immune system.   But chronic stress over time—the kind commonly encountered in daily life, […]

book cover

Wait for me to Come Home

WAIT FOR ME TO COME HOME When our precious son Matty tragically passed away, his words “Wait for me to come home” took on a much deeper meaning. This is the story of his struggles, his hope, and his belief. A story of never giving up! A story of a life fraught with pain, depression […]


Memories are a Great Reminder

Oh the memories! I was looking amongst my scrapbooking cache for supplies to use in my bible journaling when I came across a Noosa newspaper from 2002. I opened the first page and there I was! Wow, I had forgotten all about this story being in the paper. Clearly, I was going to scrapbook the […]

christina grimme

Living with Grief

Living With Grief: Learning how to Survive a Significant Loss…. When Christina  Grimmie was killed in a senseless act of violence my heart immediately went out to her parents. One of the hardest things we’ll ever experience is the loss of someone—or something—dear to us. Grieving is a normal and natural response to this loss. […]


What did you see first?

What did you see first? We all see things around us in our own way. Depending on our perception we can look at the exact same thing as someone else but see something different! It’s so interesting to look at this series of pictures to choose what you first see! Are you creative or are […]

kids reading

Reading With Our Kids

I recently learned some simple techniques, often used in schools, to make reading with kids more interesting and spark great discussions. It’s amazing how you can draw kids out and teach them to look deeper into the chapter with these simple ideas. Ultimately, they will find learning much easier, gain independence in learning and have […]


Bindi Irwin – Tribute to her Dad, Steve Irwin

Australia Zoo, home of the crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, is still one of my favorite places to visit. Even though he passed away many years ago his memory lives on through his family. The Irwins are near neighbours, but I never knew them personally. The thing is, we ALL feel we know them because they […]


Are You An Idealist Or A Realist -Quiz

In this quiz I got 50% realist and 50% idealist= Based on your color associations you see the glass as half full and half empty! You have a healthy balance of optimism and pessimism. You have hope and faith in humanity, yet you understand the realities and negative aspects of the world. Most of your […]

kingdom on Earth

To Be With Christ

Summary In the first 4 studies we learned 1. To strive to know Him 2. To develop His attitude of service 3. The value of sharing in His sufferings 4. To be content in His presence In this 5th and final study, “To Be With Christ”, we reflect upon how much we actually want to […]


Christ Who Strengthens Me

In this study, we learn to be content in His presence. Paul tells us in Philippians 4:11-13 “I am not saying this because I am in any need, for I have learned to be content in whatever situation I am in. I know how to be humble, and I know how to prosper. In each […]

the fellowship of his sufferings

The Fellowship of His Sufferings

The first two studies have taught us two vital components we need to put into practise in our life. 1. Strive to know Him- his whole character, and let Christ live in us 2. Develop His attitude of service In this third study, we learn the great value of sharing in His sufferings and using […]


Let this Mind Be in You

Our Lord Jesus Christ was superior to all and yet he had an attitude of service. In Philippians 2 we read that we need to strive to know Him and develop His attitude of service in our own lives (v5) Let this mind be in you…. Our Lord was superior to all … 1. He […]

That i might Know Him

Do you show the character of God in your life?

Our Lord Jesus Christ showed forth the character of God in His life. Words that describe Him could be faithful, righteous, peaceful, gracious, merciful, holy, meek, just, compassionate, longsuffering truthful and loving. Those same characteristics are what we need to strive to develop in our lives. In John 15:4, Christ uses the vine as an […]


Which Season Are You

How does the weather affect your mood? At the end of each season, we often feel uplifted with a sense of approaching change. Often, weather terms are used to describe our lives. Our moods can brighten or darken, dispositions can be sunny, lives can be under a cloud and relationships can be stormy. Our emotions […]

Gather in the Gulf

Gulf Country of Normanton

I’m loving writing about our travels and reliving all the brilliant memories of caravanning across Australia. We travelled through the Gulf country of Normanton Queensland in 2012 and it just happened to be the Rodeo celebrations when we arrived. The usually sleepy town was buzzing with excitement and very crowded so we were very lucky […]


Which beautiful woman do you look like?

I love this quiz because they get it right every single time! Try it and see for yourself. In our society, we are bombarded with commercials, posters, magazine articles and expectations on how we should look. From a young age, we are conditioned to believe that we are far from perfect or beautiful. If we […]

facebook-likes 1

Facebook are working on a DISLIKE button

Today I woke to an interesting story in the news. It’s been announced that Facebook are working on a “dislike” button due to constant requests from the FB using public. The news is creating controversy as many groups are saying it will be another weapon for online bullies. Personally, I am interested in this story […]


4 Things You Need To Give Up

4 Things You Need To Give Up Of course there are possibly far more than 4 things you need to give up, but this list of 4 definitely have to go if you want to move ahead in your life with confidence. Life happens, and the many different situations we live through wear us down. […]


What would you be in a Fantasy World?

What would you be in a Fantasy World? It’s always exciting to read a fantasy novel or see a movie that takes us out of the mundane and into fiction. We can always relate to the characters in our own imaginations. Ultimately these fantasy characters are just like us, as in they have the same […]


September 11th 2001, a day that changed the world

September 11th 2001, a day that changed the world… A day of  extremes, fear, grief but also courage. On this day 14 years ago, the world as we know it changed forever.  The events that unfolded that dreadful day brought shock, despair and heartache when 19 militants associated with the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda hijacked […]

money can't buy...

What Is Money Really Worth?

A very wise person once said ‘money can’t buy you happiness.’ However when John D. Rockefeller, an American millionaire, was asked how much money is enough, he replied ‘just a bit more.’ So what is our obsession with these printed pieces of metal? With these coloured pieces of plastic?  Are we perhaps unaware of the […]

365 Ways Series

365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul

I’m very excited to be a contributing author for the book 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul. The book is the creation of Dan Teck and Jodi Chapman. They’ve put a lot of love into it and collaborated with 200 other authors to produce a book that will be helpful to everyone. The beauty […]


For every parent and child

My precious son took the time to post this video on my page. It’s for every parent and child! I found it so moving, I thought I’d pay it forward and share with you. It very accurately depicts the pain felt when we overlook the important stuff in life. We can all be guilty of doing […]

The pending coffee

The Pending Coffee

The Pending Coffee is a brilliant idea and a very easy way for us all to “pay it forward.” I am a coffee lover and believe no-one should miss out on a cup each day! For anyone struggling to live, down on their luck or living on the streets, a simple cup of coffee could […]