What exactly does a Coach do, and what does Transform from Stressed to Blessed mean?

During a recent interview, this question arose. It reminded me that you might not be entirely sure either.  

I help people who are ready to leave stress behind and transform into a state of well being, with a positive sense of how they feel, think and act. Essentially, this means to develop a mindset which produces mental fitness. It’s common practice to care for our physical fitness, but what could be more important than having a healthy mind? 

In the stressed to blessed program, I advocate for you. I help people who are ready to: 

  • actively respond to the thought of removing stress from their life
  • explore their stress triggers
  • identify unhealthy patterns, including self-limiting beliefs
  • focus on transformation
  • improve their future

Up until recently, those I’ve supported have been parents who have lost a child. Grief, loss, and the possible ensuing depression need consideration in an empathetic way. My experience with this has given me first-hand insights into their unique needs. 

The thing I’ve realised is that loss comes in many forms—loss of a relationship, loss of a job, loss of freedom, loss of self. The list is endless. Sometimes we all need a little help to talk through and find solutions to what is causing us to feel stress. My job is to listen to your needs, help you reach those Aha moments where you feel that life truly can be blessed. 

The program runs on Zoom for twelve weeks. Do you need this program? Please message me to check available places in the next course, or, book a complimentary session to gain clarity on your next best step, and to explore if we are a good fit.





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