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Your Pocket Coach

Your Pocket Coach – 25 powerful Reminders

Did you know that when experiencing problems, writing out your thoughts helps to retrain your brain? For example, intentionally writing positive ideas instead of negatives goes a long way to avoid a depressive episode or feeling the onset of anxiety. Your Pocket Coach has the answers you need. Many therapists encourage clients to keep a […]


Anxiety and Alcohol

Why So Many Seek to Consume Alcohol. Anxiety and alcohol go hand in hand. Consuming alcohol is so addictive because most people feel a sense of relaxation after a drink or two. It produces a surge of dopamine which the brain recognises as a reward. As the blood alcohol content rises, inhibitions lower giving a […]

Women's Circle

Women’s Circle of Hope and Healing

Section 1: The Personal Journey We often find ourselves beaten down by life. We each have a story to tell that’s ours alone, but each of us is touched by pain at some time or another. It’s the one thing we have in common. Our life journey leads us on a path that can sometimes […]


Unhackable Hope

A Life of Distraction Can Never Produce a Life of Meaning. Human knowledge once doubled every thousand years: now it’s every twelve hours. As a result, it’s no wonder you can’t keep up! There is an answer in the Unhackable message. We all need something to believe in, so tap into hope to bring your […]

supplement and food

Critical Nutrients for Mental Wellness

To work efficiently, our whole body, including our brain, needs plenty of nutrients. Our brain uses up almost a quarter of the nutrients we ingest. That is more than any other organ so it should follow that we look after it. We have been created to thrive and to heal ourselves when required. To be […]



My recipe for this baked egg dish from the Middle east. Having recently discovered the deliciousness of this wonderful dish, I just had to share with you. If you’ve had Shakshuka, you’ll understand, but if you have never heard of it then let me be the first to introduce you to this amazingly rustic dish. […]

Gather in the Gulf

Gulf Country of Normanton

I’m loving writing about our travels and reliving all the brilliant memories of caravanning across Australia. We travelled through the Gulf country of Normanton Queensland in 2012 and it just happened to be the Rodeo celebrations when we arrived. The usually sleepy town was buzzing with excitement and very crowded so we were very lucky […]


4 Things You Need To Give Up

4 Things You Need To Give Up Of course there are possibly far more than 4 things you need to give up, but this list of 4 definitely have to go if you want to move ahead in your life with confidence. Life happens, and the many different situations we live through wear us down. […]