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365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul

Written by Karen Gibbs

I’m very excited to be a contributing author for the book 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul. The book is the creation of Dan Teck and Jodi Chapman. They’ve put a lot of love into it and collaborated with 200 other authors to produce a book that will be helpful to everyone. The beauty of having many authors is the varied perspectives, enabling each of us to find plenty of tips that will resonate on a personal level. The book includes easy, practical ways to connect with your soul, things everyone can do. The soul means something different to each of us, but the essence is the same. It’s feeling at peace with yourself, connected to your inner being and being able to function in your daily life with clarity of vision. Living life drains our energy and can make us feel disconnected and scattered at times. Dan and Jodi’s vision is for us to be able to pick up this book in these moments, flip to any page and find an easy tip to plug right back in to reconnect within ourselves.

See the beautiful video below for an idea of what to expect in the book.

~Karen Gibbs

Jodi and Dan write:

“Two hundred beautiful souls came together to share ways that they connect with their own souls with the hopes that it will help you connect with yours as well.

This book is really special – it’s filled with such good energy and love, and we know that it’s going to be so healing for so many. Authors include Jodi Chapman, Dan Teck, Arielle Ford, Christy Whitman, Carol Tuttle, Peggy McColl, Karen Gibbs and so many more!
It came out on November 17th, 2015 so make sure to grab your copy by following the link below!

We’re so excited to share this book with you. So much love has gone into it, and we can’t wait for you to take all of that love into your heart!” ~Hugs Jodi and Dan


About the author

Karen Gibbs

'Empowering Connections' is my thing. Hi there, I'm Karen, a Circle Facilitator, Author and Coach, empowering individuals to feel connected and positively impact the lives of others.
Through my writing, I advocate for those who struggle with depression or anxiety by supporting and serving their families and friends to understand mental health issues better.
My latest book is entitled "Stop The Downward Spiral: Everything the person in your life who struggles with depression wishes you knew."
I published my first book, Scrapbook Creations, in 2002 and won the Sunshine Coast Excellence in Business award for my business of the same name.
Helping others to connect and live a happy, faith-infused life is my passion. I gain inspiration daily from God and nature.
From my heart to yours, Karen x

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