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Karen Gibbs started her original blog and Facebook page in 2012 when she saw a need for “real talk” motivational quotes. Later in 2012, Karen began her Daily Bible Verse Facebook page where daily bible readings are posted along with Inspirational quotes. This website is full of insightful, funny and inspirational content. Have a look around… If you’re interested in connecting, please feel free to contact Karen by email. Details are on the contact page.

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Which Season Are You

How does the weather affect your mood? At the end of each season, we often feel uplifted with a sense ...
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What type of dreamer are you?

This fun quiz, what type of dreamer are you, really got me thinking. Picture two freaked me out and picture ...
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8 Crazy Good Superfoods for Heart Health

8 crazy good Superfoods for heart health. Potentially making your heart ridiculously healthy The following list contains only 8 of ...
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An easy, healthy breakfast

Looking for an easy healthy breakfast, snack or dessert idea? This one is so easy, even the kids can make ...
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