Bindi Irwin – Tribute to her Dad, Steve Irwin

Written by Karen Gibbs

Australia Zoo, home of the crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, is still one of my favorite places to visit. Even though he passed away many years ago his memory lives on through his family. The Irwins are near neighbours, but I never knew them personally. The thing is, we ALL feel we know them because they are so “out there.” Terri has done an awesome job bringing up Bindi and Bob, in very difficult circumstances, and now to see Bindi Irwin as a young woman, succeeding in her life, warms the hearts of us all! Her relationship with her Dad was one of those special things in life. The love literally shone from them. Young Bob was such a little fellow when it happened. I recall the week Steve died, there was so much commotion in the area, world news camped on their lawns, traffic and people everywhere. It really felt like we had all lost a good friend! Grief and shock seemed to surround everything in the area.

We lived just behind Australia Zoo on 10 acres and that week had found an injured snake in our house. We called the Zoo as they have a well set up wildlife hospital there. Two staff members came promptly and brought little Bob with them. He was so small, cute and unaware of what all the commotion meant. Sadly the snake had passed away, little Bob held it and said “aww it died”…. My heart just melted. Everyone was grieving and here was Steves little boy, not much more than a baby, out caring about wildlife but not comprehending how his life would change. Still brings a tear to my eye today.

Of course, life goes on. The family have grieved in private and continued the awesome work, in caring for all wildlife, that Steve was so passionate about. In this video, it is so wonderful to see Bob, with his Mum watching Bindi perform in Dancing with the Stars. I think the loss of Steve Irwin will always feel painful but to see his children doing so well in their lives brings so much joy! Bindi paying tribute to her Dad, Steve, in this dance is completely heartwarming!



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