Are You An Idealist Or A Realist -Quiz

Written by Karen Gibbs

In this quiz I got 50% realist and 50% idealist= Based on your color associations you see the glass as half full and half empty! You have a healthy balance of optimism and pessimism. You have hope and faith in humanity, yet you understand the realities and negative aspects of the world. Most of your memories leading up until now give you positive feelings, but you have also undergone many challenges and dark times. It is important to you to be positive but also channel negative energy away when necessary. It takes a lot of perceptive talent and intelligence to have such a balanced outlook on life! How flattering, lol 😉

Idealism is when you envision or see things in an ideal or perfect manner. Realism, on the other hand, tends toward a more pragmatic and actual view of a situation. The two concepts can be deemed different in perspectives; with idealism focusing on ‘what could be’, and realism focusing on ‘what actually is.’ Overall, idealism and realism can be understood as two different perspectives. Some of the key differences between them include:

1. Idealism causes you to see things in a very hopeful manner, shaping situations with your own ideas. Realism, on the other hand, causes one to assess a situation as it is, without overt emotional involvement.

2. Idealists tend to be more positive when compared to realists in how they perceive things and carry out tasks.

3. When making decisions, realists are more goal oriented and thorough than idealists, who may have lofty ambitions, but lack the clarity and focus to put them into action.

Try the quiz and please comment your result!

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