The Pending Coffee

Written by Karen Gibbs

The Pending Coffee is a brilliant idea and a very easy way for us all to “pay it forward.” I am a coffee lover and believe no-one should miss out on a cup each day! For anyone struggling to live, down on their luck or living on the streets, a simple cup of coffee could mean all the difference and make their day just a little bit better. For the rest of us, to buy one extra cup of coffee isn’t a hard thing to do. Here’s the story of how it all works.

We were in a small coffee shop. Two customers arrive

“5 coffees, two for us, 3 pending”

They pay for 5 and receive 2

“What is a pending Coffee, I ask” “Wait and See”

More customers. Two girls get coffees and pay normally

After a while three friends enter and order 7 coffees,

3 for them and 4 pending.

While we were talking a poor man enters the cafe and asks

“Do you have any pending Coffee?”

and he receives one FREE

This type of charity was born in Napoli (Naples, Italy)

People pay in anticipation for others who can’t pay

and sometimes they even pay for extra meals!

Personally, I’d love for this to catch on everywhere. We can all do our bit by asking our local coffee shop to participate. What do you think of this idea? Please leave me a comment and if you love also the idea, then please SHARE!





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