Which Season Are You

Written by Karen Gibbs

How does the weather affect your mood? At the end of each season, we often feel uplifted with a sense of approaching change. Often, weather terms are used to describe our lives. Our moods can brighten or darken, dispositions can be sunny, lives can be under a cloud and relationships can be stormy. Our emotions are often just like the weather! Unstable, changeable or uncontrollable. But does the weather actually affect our moods? Do bright days lift our spirits, does a rainy, grey day make our mood darker? It’s said that bright sunny days do in fact lift our mood but it’s actually more to do with the fact that exposing skin to sunlight produces vitamin D, promoting the brain’s production of serotonin, which in turn lifts our mood.

Personally, I feel that as the seasons change we also change in anticipation. We prepare to do different things so the sense of change lifts our moods. Perhaps in summer we go on outings to the beach but in winter we might do more indoor activities. The point is, by the end of each season, we are ready for the next.
For this quiz, I got SPRING..”You are Spring. You are friendly, sweet and positive” I like it!! Comment below and tell me what you got. Do you think the answer matches your personality?

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