What would you be in a Fantasy World?

Written by Karen Gibbs

What would you be in a Fantasy World?

It’s always exciting to read a fantasy novel or see a movie that takes us out of the mundane and into fiction. We can always relate to the characters in our own imaginations. Ultimately these fantasy characters are just like us, as in they have the same basic need for survival. We can relate to their struggles and what motivates them. Each of us will relate to one character more than others and that’s what makes it FUN! For example, my favorite character of all time is Gollum, otherwise known as Smeagol from JRR Tolkien’s book “The Hobbit” and then “The Lord of the Rings” series. Don’t ask me why but I adore Smeagol! Somehow I relate to him and  feel a strong empathy for him. My family all think I’m mad, HA! “He’s evil!” they say. Well, I think he got lost and changed and I felt sorry for him. I don’t know but it must be that sensitive part in me!

Anyhoo, all that aside, this little quiz “What would you be in a Fantasy World” is just a bit of fun ..

This is apparently what I would be according to my answers in this quiz – “You would be a Unicorn in a fantasy world! With the horn of a unicorn you have great healing powers and the ability to dispel any negative magic that is thrown your way in battle. Similar to a war-horse, you have the strength of a warrior and have the advantage of using your horn like lance in combat. Your best connection to a human would be with one that has pure heart since you connect with the sensitivity and compassion they have to offer. You represent ethereal beauty and mystery at first glance, increasingly intriguing the more you’re around.”

Quite appropriate I thought since I love horses and am a sensitive soul myself!! 😉 What did you get?



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