What Is Money Really Worth?

Written by Karen Gibbs

A very wise person once said ‘money can’t buy you happiness.’ However when John D. Rockefeller, an American millionaire, was asked how much money is enough, he replied ‘just a bit more.’ So what is our obsession with these printed pieces of metal? With these coloured pieces of plastic?  Are we perhaps unaware of the nicer things in life, the priceless treasures, that are not and cannot be bought with money. So what is money really worth?


1.     Money cannot buy happiness. Gold cannot make the heart-broken laugh, it cannot make the oppressed smile, it can’t even save the rich and famous from sorrow. So what is its worth?

2.     Money cannot buy originality. Plastic doesn’t make you prettier, smarter, wiser or kinder. So what is its worth?

3.     Money cannot buy you time. Metal doesn’t stop the clock. Time cannot be paused, stopped, rewound or sped up, not for all the cash in the world. So what is its worth?

4.     Money cannot buy freedom. Paper can’t release those who are bound by it, can’t release those bound by society, can’t release those bound by loneliness. So what is its worth?

5.      Money cannot buy love. Silver will not bring you honesty and hope, it will not bring you completeness or comfort, it will not bring you peace. So what is its worth?


Nothing. Life is not made up of fast cars and grand houses. It is not scaffolded by brilliant parties and the latest fashion. It is not constrained by fake friends and shallow lies. Have we really forgotten the meaning of existence? Have the advertisers and the marketers really convinced us that we are only worth as much as our bank accounts? Life is the only thing humans have, and it was not bought, it was gifted, along with many other priceless treasures. So what is money really worth? 



About the author

Karen Gibbs

Karen is a grief and loss mentor residing in Queensland, Australia. She spends her time motivating and inspiring others through her writings and blog posts which she takes great pleasure in creating and designing each day.
Karen published her first book, Scrapbook Creations, in 2002 and won the Sunshine Coast Excellence in Business award for her business of the same name. In 2015 Karen was a contributing author to the #1 best seller "365 Ways to Connect with your Soul." Karen is currently writing a book entitled "Stop The Downward Spiral" - An essential guide to healing and is "Everything the depressed person in your life needs you to know." She continues to put her writing and creative skills into her passion of making a difference in the lives of others and gains inspiration while outdoors with her horse Romey....
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