What did you see first?

Written by Karen Gibbs

What did you see first? We all see things around us in our own way. Depending on our perception we can look at the exact same thing as someone else but see something different! It’s so interesting to look at this series of pictures to choose what you first see! Are you creative or are you more analytical? Take this fun quiz to reveal qualities in your character by what you see in the pictures. What did you see first is just a bit of fun! 🙂



About the author

Karen Gibbs

Karen lives in Queensland, Australia and lives her life motivating and inspiring others through her writings and blog posts. She takes great pleasure in writing, creating and designing these posts each day.
Karen published her first book, Scrapbook Creations, in 2002 and won the Sunshine Coast Excellence in Business award for her business of the same name. After a lengthy break due to family illness Karen is now putting her writing and creative skills into her passion of making a difference in the lives of others. Karen gains much inspiration from lessons learned while spending time outdoors with her horse JayLuka.
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