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Wait for me to Come Home

Written by Karen Gibbs

When our precious son Matty tragically passed away, his words

“Wait for me to come home” took on a much deeper meaning.
This is the story of his struggles, his hope, and his belief.
A story of never giving up!
A story of a life fraught with pain, depression and despair,
but intertwined with determination and hope.
A story that will give you power.
A story that will help you BELIEVE…..


This book is in progress and is penned with love and hopes of healing. I feel I have a work to do, together with my boy, to endeavour to lift anyone suffering with depression, loss or grief. It is written from my heart to yours using much of Mattys writings along with my own. Matthews words were penned over many years as he struggled with depression. His goal was to help others heal, anyone who suffered the dreaded black dog, while also helping himself. It has been said that you rise when you lift others up. Matty found this to be true and it was all that kept him going. He had courage and determination. He never gave up. I hope I do his words justice in writing this story and pray some relief will be found for the millions who suffer. Anyone who has a loved one suffering depression will know that it affects the entire family. Matty knew this and suffered all the more because we suffered with him. His brilliance shines through as he writes from the heart and this gives me the courage to go on and hopefully find my own healing in the process xo



About the author

Karen Gibbs

Karen lives in Queensland, Australia and lives her life motivating and inspiring others through her writings and blog posts. She takes great pleasure in writing, creating and designing these posts each day.
Karen published her first book, Scrapbook Creations, in 2002 and won the Sunshine Coast Excellence in Business award for her business of the same name. After a lengthy break due to family illness Karen is now putting her writing and creative skills into her passion of making a difference in the lives of others. Karen gains much inspiration from lessons learned while spending time outdoors with her horse JayLuka.
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