Hydro Cannabis laced with ICE..where will it end?

Written by Karen Gibbs

We cannot stress enough the dangers of this dreadful drug! I’m sure by now you’ve all read the poem on this site “I am Meth” That was heart wrenching enough! Each and every day our children are faced with choices, and make no mistake, drugs are out there…everywhere! Your child is not immune. In fact, no-one is immune.

We all know that “ice” is ruining society as we know it, tearing families apart and killing our children. Now they are lacing cannabis with it! It’s unbelievable. So sad too. So many kids say they’d never touch Ice but just have a bit of harmless dope. Nothing is harmless and you cannot trust drug dealers!

The newest threat to our young people is Hydro cannabis Laced with ICE

These dealers come up with new ideas to ensure a constant source of customers. A recent story in Townsville told of dealers selling cannabis laced with ice to hook a whole new group of users. Terrifying stuff! The government are running a campaign of TV commercials, ads in all newspapers and also online to get the message out there.. DON’T DO ICE. Ice is tearing families apart as it completely changes the user. See part of the ad campaign here but is violent and graphic.

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