Gulf Country of Normanton

Written by Karen Gibbs

I’m loving writing about our travels and reliving all the brilliant memories of caravanning across Australia. We travelled through the Gulf country of Normanton Queensland in 2012 and it just happened to be the Rodeo celebrations when we arrived. The usually sleepy town was buzzing with excitement and very crowded so we were very lucky to score a site in the local caravan park. We settled in and then had a relaxing soak in the parks artesian spa before going out to watch the street parade. The whole town seemed to be there participating which made it really awesome! Everyone was dressed up, even the local police had their cars done up with pig snouts on the front and squiggly tails hanging off the back! It was hilarious. Talk about getting into the spirit of things! What great PR! The police themselves wore pig snouts and snorted through loud speakers while throwing lollies out to the crowd as they passed. These police have to cover an area the size of Victoria and there are only twelve of them! They work really well with the local people and have such a great attitude. I loved the community spirit in Normanton! After the street parade, we went into the local hall and watched the kids performing their Hip Hop dances. Community events like the Indigenous Hip Hop Project keep the kids off the street and build their confidence and social skills. This group travel around the country working with the kids and they really do an incredible job. I thoroughly enjoyed all the performances. Watch the video below of the organizers performing their Hip Hop moves! This was the last performance of the evening as all the youngsters did their dances first.

Hope you enjoyed traveling with me to Normanton! Please leave me a comment as I’d love to hear what you thought of the dance.



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