About Karen

Karen resides in Queensland, Australia, is an Author and Coach. She advocates for the millions who suffer depression and anxiety by supporting the families and friends of those who suffer.

Karen is the creator of Transform from Stressed to Blessed, a program to bring about a state of well-being and positive sense of how we feel, think and act. She creates a safe space for communication where clients can discover a real sense of self in order to reach their full potential. Karen believes we should all take as much care of our mental health as we do our physical health.

In 2019, Karen became a certified member of Author Academy Elite, and Igniting Souls. This global group provides authors, coaches and speakers with a transformational experience to help them ignite change with their message. The group provided the solutions and the support Karen needed to promote her message on a global platform, thereby supporting more people in need.

 In December 2019 Igniting Souls introduced 56 new chapters across the globeKaren leads the Brisbane chapter, which is one of three in Australia. Karen says that being able to provide value and encourage fellow authors within the group as well as quarterly meetups is a fantastic experience.

In 2020 Karen became a certified Coach of Unhackable, the program changing the world and based on the book by Kary Oberbrunner.

Karen is currently writing a book to support families who have a loved one suffering from depression, anxiety or addictions. The book is entitled Stop The Downward Spiral – Everything the depressed person in your life needs you to know. Karen is working towards changing many lives for the better with its publication in 2020.

In 2002, Karen was the overall winner of the Sunshine Coast Small Business Award for her business, Scrapbook Creations, and book of the same name.

Karen is a woman of faith and gains inspiration from God and the daily reading of His word.  She loves writing and patchwork quilting. For Karen, stitching together the many fabric pieces is an analogy of life. It represents the variety of people who come together to make something much bigger than ourselves. Karen says “The stitches don’t have to be perfect, just like life.” 

Time spent with her precious family or in quiet times enjoying Gods unique Creation, along with her dog Tippsy, is when she feels genuinely grateful and blessed.

 Karen continues to put writing and creative skills into her passion for making a difference in the lives of others.



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